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General Terms and Conditions
 Terms & Conditions 
The following definitions shall apply to these Terms & Conditions: 
“Additional Services” means services in addition to the services set out in the Schedule of Services; 
“Agent” is Reflections Holiday Home Management, 19 Tredour road, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 2EY; 
“Agreement” means these terms and conditions incorporating the signature page headed “Property Management Agreement” and the Schedule of Services; 
“Charges” means the amounts as set-out in the Schedule for the Services (which are per Property) and any charges for Additional Services or Emergency Services; 
“Emergency Services” means the emergency services defined in clause 2.3; 
“Guests” means the person or persons from time to time occupying the Property; 
“Owner” means the owner of the Property; 
“Payment” means the payment by the Owner to the Agent of the Charges; 
“Property” means the property(s) to be managed by the Agent as specified in the Schedule; 
“Services” means the services for the Property as detailed in the Schedule of Services, the Emergency Services and the Additional Services; and 
“Requirements” means as defined in clause 3.3; 
1. Appointment of Agent and Term 

By signing the Property Management Agreement the Owner hereby grants to the Agent the exclusive and sole right to provide the Services and requests that the Agent provides the Services which the Agent agrees to do in consideration for the payment of the Charges during the contract period which is for 6 months from the date of this Agreement and thereafter continuing automatically on a monthly basis unless or until determined by either party serving on the other not less than one month’s notice to terminate at any time after the initial 6 months subject to the terms of this Agreement.

If the owner is introduced to Reflections Holiday Home Management by the referral scheme, then the initial contract period will be for 12 months from the date of this Agreement and thereafter continuing automatically on a monthly basis unless or until determined by either party serving on the other not less than one month’s notice to terminate at any time after the initial 12 months subject to the terms of this Agreement.

2. Authority of Agent 
2.1 By instructing the Agent as the agent the Owner grants authority to the Agent to act on the Owner’s behalf to carry out the Services, acting as agents for the Owner to appoint third parties to provide the Services to the Owner or to sub-contract the provision of the Services to third parties. 
2.2 The Owner agrees to indemnify and keep fully indemnified the Agent on demand from and against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and claims incurred by or arising against the Agent of whatever nature in connection with this Agreement and/or the provision of the Services including without limitation the payment of third party expenses and fees and any claims by any Guests. 
2.3 The Owner agrees that the Agent has authority to provide the Services set out in the Schedule of Services in consideration of the Charges without the requirement to take further instructions from the Owner and the Owner further agrees that the Agent is authorised to incur costs to the limit agreed in the Schedule without obtaining prior authorisation in the event that emergency repair works are required (“Emergency Services”). 
3. Obligations of Owner 
3.1 The Owner undertakes to comply with all legal requirements concerning fire, health and safety regulations and any other applicable regulations from time to time applicable in respect of the Property if utilized for rental and letting purposes and to comply in full with all current legislation governing insurance, public liability, electrical and gas safety regulations, fire and furnishing regulations, and all other legal requirements. 
3.2 The Owner shall make the Payments on the due date without any deduction or set-off of any nature whatsoever. Time is of the essence as regards the obligation to making Payments. 
3.3 The Owner will need to provide the Agent with access to the Property and may need to provide certain facilities for the Agent to enable the Agent to provide the Services which the Agent will notify to the Owner from time to time (the “Requirements”). 
4. Provision of Services 
4.1 The Agent will provide the Services and Emergency Services as set out in the Schedule of Services. These Services are based on the Property being left in a reasonable condition by the outgoing Guests. In the event that this is not the case and additional cleaning is required then this will be Additional Services which will be notified to the Owner. 
4.2 In the event that the Owner requests any Additional Services or the Agent informs the Owner of the need for Additional Services or Emergency Services above the cost limit then a quotation or estimate of works detailing a breakdown of costs will be provided to the Owner for agreement. 
4.3 The Owner acknowledges that the Agent is not acting in any advisory capacity and does not accept any liability for compliance of the Property with statutory provisions in relation to certain matters including without limitation fire risk assessments and electrical testing. Where the Agent instructs relevant third parties to carry out such tests and assessments the Owner is responsible for implementing such findings or expressly instructing the Agent to instruct a contractor to implement any findings and any third party contractor that the Agent instructs to carry out any such tests, assessments or works is instructed by the Agent in the capacity of agent. 
4.4 In certain circumstances (e.g. structural concerns) where there is likely to be a requirement for extensive work involving high costs or liability then the Agent may at its discretion facilitate the introduction of the Owner to a third party contractor so that the Owner can deal direct with the third party contractor and have no further involvement. 
4.5 Unless otherwise agreed the Changeover Services are as follows: clean on departure of the interior of the Property, including all fixtures & fittings, surfaces, appliances, (except solid fuel fires), floor coverings and all windows/glazed doors, accessible without a ladder. 
4.6 It is the Agent’s policy to clean the Property on departure of Guests. If there is a gap in bookings the Agent recommends that the Owner instructs the Agent to clean again prior to new arrivals because there may be an accumulation of dust, dead flies, soiling of external furniture and windows etc. 
5. Charges for the Services and Payment 
5.1The Owner will pay the Agent the Charges plus applicable VAT. Payment for all Services will be arranged by the Owner in accordance with the Agent’s agreed payment method of Direct Debits, monthly in arrears, on or before 17th of each month. 
5.2 The Agent reserves the right to request payment in advance or to alter the Charges by prior notification should there be any change in supplier rates or for any other reason and at any time. 
5.3 In the event of any breach of the agreed payment terms by The Owner, or if for any reason whatsoever the Direct Debit arrangement is cancelled without prior notification then the Agent reserves the right to suspend the provision of Services and charge interest on any outstanding payments at an annual rate of 5% over the Bank of England Base Rate calculated daily in arrears pro rata on the basis of a 365 day year from the payment due date until payment in full is received by the Company

Referrer Terms and Conditions

Referral Scheme
1.    The PROMOTER for the reward is Reflections Holiday Home Management. The OWNER is a legal property OWNER not known to Reflections Holiday Home Management. The REFERRER is the person who informs an Owner about Reflections Holiday Home Management . The REFERRAL CODE is a unique code given to a REFERRER by Reflections Holiday Home Management .
2.    You must have a unique REFERRAL CODE to be eligible for Referral Rewards.
3.    To obtain a REFERRAL CODE the REFERRER must complete the request on if the REFERRER has not already received a code directly from Reflections Holiday Home Management .
4.    To qualify for the reward, the REFERRER must pass on the unique REFERRAL CODE to the OWNER; this code must then be on the contract when received into the Reflections Holiday Home Management  office to be countersigned immediately. The REFERRAL CODE cannot be added at a later date.
5.    Upon Reflections Holiday Home Management countersigning the contract and after the first two changeovers have been completed, the REFERRER will be sent a cheque. The cheque amount will be £250.
6.    Only one reward will be issued per property OWNER. If two REFERRERS introduce the same property to the PROMOTER, the reward will be paid to the REFERRER whose REFERRAL CODE is detailed on the contract.
7.    Rewards will only apply if the OWNER is a new introduction to the PROMOTER. This Referral Reward promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other referral offer, and if an existing commercial referral arrangement is in place, the existing arrangement will take precedence.

8.    There is no limit to the number of OWNER referrals a REFERRER can make.
9.    Reflections Holiday Home Management (the PROMOTER) reserve the right to withdraw this referral offer at any time.
10.    Reflections Holiday Home Management reserve the right to inform an OWNER of the REFERRERS details. As PROMOTER, Reflections Holiday Home Management  are not liable for any breach in Data Protection if the OWNERS permission was not sought by the REFERRER.
11.    The PROMOTER reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions of this offer at any time and REFERRERS should read the updated Terms & Conditions on this webpage prior to making a referral.


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