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All our properties are assigned a dedicated housekeeper who will get to know the property and be responsible for your changeovers. Housekeepers are trained to a high standard and know that attention to detail is expected from the guests and owners alike.

As well as regular cleaning checks being carried out on our properties by the management, the housekeepers will also have a chance to earn an end of year bonus, based on guest feedback. Our housekeepers will leave details where  guests can go online to complete a short questionnaire. They will be asked for their opinion on the cleanliness of their holiday home on their arrival, and if any improvements could be made. As our housekeepers bonus is quite generous, it will be in their favour to maintain a high standard of cleaning.

As part of the changeover service the housekeeper will leave their contact number in case of any issues with cleaning. Any other issues (maintenance etc.) will be dealt by contacting the office, which number will also be left at the property.

On changeover day (normally Friday or Saturday) the housekeeper will also report to the office if there are any issues regarding maintenance, so that hopefully they can be dealt with before the guest arrives.

Changeovers are always carried out on the day of departure. This ensures that:-


Properties are secure, all windows closed etc. 

Boilers/heating are re-set where required, lights turned off.

Properties will always be ready for last minute bookings.


Linen Service
Reflections offer a full linen service which includes satin stripe bed linen, fluffy white hand towels and bath sheets, white bath mats and tea towels. Our linen is supplied through a commercial laundry (who also supply National Trust holiday cottages across Devon and Cornwall.) The cost of all linen hire and towels are included in the changeover service fees.


Quality Standards
All our housekeepers will undergo an induction course at the start of their training, they will also have an on-site training clean. Each housekeeper will be given an Operations Manual at the start of their training which will include a detailed quality check list.

Your Property
Every holiday home is unique, our changeover fees are calculated therefore, on the time it takes to do a thorough clean, strip, and make, beds. Also the type of furnishings, stainless steel surfaces, gloss surfaces  and large expanses of glass are all taken into consideration (external window cleaning is not included in the changeover, see additional services in the maintenance section.)

Cleaning of outside space such as garden furniture, winter leaves etc. are not included in the changeover. They are charged on an "as required" basis.


Before commencement of your first booking, a full set-up clean will be carried out. At this point you can let us know if there is any particular way that you want certain items in your property to be presented (i.e furniture and furnishings)   Your housekeeper will then strive to keep the property this way throughout the season.


On each departure, and in line with our quality check list,  your housekeeper will provide a comprehensive clean, including all internal windows, ovens, fridges, freezers, skirting etc.

If your property remains empty for a period of time, then we will, with your permission, carry out a refresh clean, dust and hoover, etc.

We do require that all owners provide for their guests a quality vacuum cleaner (particularly if you are allowing pets to stay at your property). A mop and bucket, dustpan and brush, and a broom. Reflections do not provide this equipment, as there may be a possibility of cross contamination between properties if those items were used in more than one property.

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