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Key Holding/Call out service


Key holding is part of our holiday home maintenance services.

This service will give you peace of mind if any problems were to occur. A member of our team is only a phone call away to assist your guests with any potential problems.

Some typical type of problems  that we get call outs for are:-

Fridge/Freezer not working, no signal on the television, fuse or light bulbs need to be replaced, no hot water or heating etc.

Should any problems arise that cannot be fixed by our team such as boiler or electrical repairs, then we will organize for one of our trusted contractors to rectify the problem.


Key holding


If you do not wish to use our changeover service, we can still offer you a standalone key holding service.

This is a service where we will hold a duplicate key for your property in our locked safe at our office.

If your guest should lose their key or accidentally takes it home with them, then you are safe in your knowledge that we have key to let your guests back.

Key safe

The ideal solution for your guests is to have a Master Lock Key Safe fitted. It is a quick and convenient way for your guest to access the property.

The safes have a programmable lock, which you can change whenever you like, ideally once a year.


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