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Holiday Home Legal Requirements

When letting out your property you should beware of the following:-

Fire risk assessment

Legislation requires you to carry out a fire risk assessment. This assessment will determine if there are any fire hazards and who is at risk. If you are unfamiliar with such assessments, getting a qualified fire consultant to do this for you will ensure the safety of your guests.

Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets must be in place and have not been tampered with. We will check these on a regular basis, and replace batteries in alarms if needed etc.


An annual Gas Safety Certificate is needed, and we highly recommend a boiler service each year.

Electrical Safety Certificate

 At the moment there is no legal requirement for you to obtain and renew an Electrical Safety Certificate. However, Holiday Let Owners and landlords are required, by law, to ensure that all electrical appliances, circuits and fixed installations within the property are safe and are not hazardous to their guests. 

All electrical equipment will deteriorate with use and time.

It is recommended that the maximum period between inspections is 5 years.  having your property inspected by a qualified electrical engineer will ensure your electrics are safe. The resulting certificate provides you with proof that the inspection has been carried out and that you have met your duty of care as a holiday let owner.

PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) 

You have a legal obligation to ensure that any portable electrical appliance in your holiday home are kept in a safe condition for your guests to use.

We do advise that this testing should be done at least every two years, to ensure the appliances in your holiday home are in full and safe working order.

Oil-fired appliances and equipment

By law you are required to have your oil-fired appliances and equipment serviced periodically, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions – this is usually every 12 months.

It is recommended that you inspect the storage tanks and supply pipes frequently for any leaks

Fire safety with log burners or open fires

Having a log burner or open fire in your holiday let is an extremely desirable feature. Such a feature comes with associated risks. If you have an open fire or log burner in your holiday let, then here are a few areas you ought to consider:

  • Having your chimney swept annually

  • An adequate hearth

  • A suitable fireguard (if you cater for children, then an additional child guard will be necessary.

Reflections are happy to arrange for any of the above to be done for you.​

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