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Referrals Rewards

It’s really quick and easy to become a Reflections Referrer, and we will give you £250* for every owner that you pass on to us, and who signs up using your referral code. The new owner will also receive their first changeover free of charge.

If you wish, you can also get in touch using the contact us form on our website, with the details of the property owner you wish to refer.

Get your referral code

 Fill in the form below to get your Referral Code, we will email you a unique code for you to use.

Invite other owners

Send Referral Code to Owners who you think will benefit from our services

The owner signs up


Upon sign up the new Owner's Referral Code is added to their contract.

Claim your cheque


Once the new Owner’s property has received its first two changeovers, we'll send your cheque.

Thanks! Message sent.

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